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Welcome to Clermont School

Why Choose Clermont School?

Our commitment to the integral development of the being motivates us to work based on institutional guidelines that lead us to academic excellence.
We are a school committed to the well-being of the members of the educational community, fostering a sense of belonging to the school, promoting good treatment, healthy coexistence and facilitating the integration of the educational community.
We are committed to meaningful learning environments that are coherent with the needs and characteristics of each stage of development, which allow us to define abilities, interests and requirements of the students. We promote project work, writing, reading and orality through the curriculum in the different dimensions of knowledge.
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Our Services

At Clermont School we know that the school is the second home of our students, that is why we offer additional services that complement the educational experience


Disponemos de buses escolares exclusivos, diseñados para ofrecer un servicio de transporte puerta a puerta de alta calidad para tus hijos. Nuestra principal prioridad es garantizar la puntualidad, seguridad, prudencia y eficiencia en cada trayecto.


For our school it is a priority that this service complies with all sanitary and biosafety protocols, as well as quality, quantity and variety in the menus in order to offer a balanced and healthy diet to our students.

Library and Toy Library

The school library offers learning services, books, and other resources that enable all members of the school community to develop critical thinking and effectively use information in any format and medium of communication.

Strategic Alliances

The Cambridge International programs that the institution has, help students prepare for the challenges of national and international university education. In addition, French is added to the training of global citizens. Additionally, we have various alliances that are part of an educational process of excellence


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Extracurricular activities

At Clermont School we like the arts and sports, as we are aware that they are fundamental for the integral development of our students. Below you can see our varied offer


The most important events according to our academic calendar


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Concurso de Cuento “Voces literarias Clermont” 2024

Concurso de Cuento “Voces literarias Clermont” 2024

El Colegio bilingüe Clermont tiene el gusto de invitar a sus estudiantes desde el grado




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Todos nuestros estudiantes vienen preparando el show cultural que presentarán a los padres - familiares



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If you are reading this it is because you are interested in your children learnining happily and for us that is the most important

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